Adding a Note or Approval

Parents can approve their children's unapproved absences or late arrivals. They will receive an alert on their Compass home page letting them know that their child/children was marked late or absent and there is no note/approval on the system for it.



Clicking on this notification will allow you to add a Note or Approval for one or more absences. 
To add a note or approval, you can select one or more of the absences listed, then select the "Explain with Note/Approval" button.


Adding a Note/Approval for a future absence

Parents can also enter notes and approvals in advance, if they know their child is going to be absent from school.

To do this from their Home page, you can click on the 'Add Attendance Note/Approval' link listed underneath the name of the relevant student. 



This will take you to the Attendance screen, with a pop-up window to enter details of the note or approval. Parents can then select the applicable date range - in the future if required. 


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