Our Vision and Mission



At Grayling Primary School our vision is for all students to be proud and connected, to succeed both academically and socially. For all students to be engaged, motivated and to set high expectations for themselves. We want our students to foster a curiosity and passion for learning. Grayling Primary students, staff and the community will work collaboratively to ensure that all students are resilient, confident and respectful global citizens. 



Our mission at Grayling Primary School is to provide a rich and diverse learning experience with strong held school values for all students and for all students to be resilient, confident and respectful global citizens with a thirst for learning and trying new things. 



Our objective at Grayling Primary School is for our students and community to be ‘Proud and Connected’, with our students being global learners with a strong sense of self and of others.



Grayling Primary School’s motto is being ‘Proud and Connected’, our values are intrinsically linked to this motto by being PROUD.

  • Performance
  • Respect
  • Open-minded
  • United
  • Daring

Performance-“Striving for my personal best”

Respect-“Respecting myself, others and the school environment”

Open-minded- “Willing to consider ideas and opinions that are new or different to my own”

United-“Being part of a team to achieve a common goal”

Daring- “Being brave and willing to take risks to challenge myself”

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