Here at Grayling Primary School, we are very excited to offer a comprehensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Program. STEM education prepares students for the real world through use of inquiry-based learning. Students are exposed to a range of hands-on learning opportunities, engaging with a variety of challenges and rich learning tasks.

STEM lessons provide a series of challenges that students can complete both independently and in teams. Students are encouraged to discuss and record their learning as well as present their findings to the class. These activities are designed to instil critical thinking skills within the students.

Our Science Program focuses on all the key areas; Biological Science, Earth and Space, Physical Science and Chemical Science. The Technology Program enables students to become confident and creative developers of digital solutions, through the application of various devices. Our program uses Digital Technologies to enhance teaching and learning, as well as promote creativity in a safe and supported space.

Students from Prep to 6 engage in a variety of activities and use programs including Google Apps for Education, Lego Robotics, Bee Bots and Coding Apps to enhance their learning, to become future digital citizens in our world, where technologies are ever changing.

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