Equestrian Program


At Grayling we are fortunate to offer our Year 5 & 6 students the opportunity to participate in an equestrian program.       




We have a partnership with nearby Aye Hill Equestrian Centre who provide 8 week cycles of hands on activities, where students can groom, ride and connect with the centres friendly horses.


All experience levels are welcomed, with all lessons taught by qualified instructors.


Let’s hear what our students think of the Equestrian Program at Grayling


‘I like riding and learning how to trot on horses. It is really fun grooming and cleaning the hooves of the horse. It's also kind of fun learning the equipment that we use on the horse. Also how to behave when we are near the horse and not make them all jumpy and hurt someone. Also we learned some of the names of the horses’ like Lily, Magpie, Eclipse and others. We also learned how to lead and the stuff you use for grooming. For example the soft and hard brush, rubber curry comb, plastic curry comb and the hoof pick.’



‘I like equestian because I really like riding the horses, even though it is bouncy, it's fun. Grooming the horses is also really fun because sometimes most of their hair just flies onto us which is pretty funny. We got to learn some things about the horses’ anatomy too. We learned many of the horses’ names. It is also fun leading the horses because to me the trotting of the hooves is very satisfying. I also like riding on the horses when trotting because it feels like you are on an extra bouncy safari truck. Being in equestrian has changed the way I used to think of horses.’




‘I love equestrian because we get to ride horses, groom horses and lead horses. My favourite part about riding is trotting. Trotting is really fun and we have to learn how to do a rising trot, it’s hard but fun. We also have learned how to take care of horses and about the saddle and bridal. Some important things we have learned are the safer way to walk behind a horse, you have to touch them so they know you're there and they don’t get scared. Each week we have different horses to ride and the names of them are Magpie, Lilly, Affie, Eclipse, Izzy, Dusty,Tobi and  Cobi. I love going to equestrian every week.’




‘I like equestrian because I get to ride horses and groom them. We learnt the different parts that go on the horse, like the bridal and the saddle. It is very fun to ride the horses, especially when we trot, it is very bumpy but that’s what makes it fun. We also learned how to lead the horse in the yard and out of the yard. Some of the horses' names are Eclipse, Lily, Turtles, Jack and Affie. The horses are very nice to ride, groom and lead. They are very well trained, as they know what the rider wants them to do.’   


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